How to Deposit
with FIAT

If you don't have crypto yet, we offer you to buy it easily and securely from our
partners at Virarosi. Follow the simple steps below to purchase crypto and
start trading instantly with ViraRoso.



First register with Virarosi payment processor, please fill in all fields as they are mandatory for regulation purposes.

Go to Registration



Although cryptocurrencies are not regulated, your money is. Hence, identity verification is necessary since you need to exchange money with crypto.

Please upload the required documents after registration, check the list of documents that can be used here.



Once your identity is verified by the Virarosi team, you are ready to buy crypto.

Select payment preference - Bank Account Transfer or Credit Card

The Bank Account Transfer option displays a list of banks that you can send money to; while the Credit Card option will show a pre-filled form with your details, enter Amount (EUR) and your wallet you wish to transfer money to (see the next step).



At the payment gate, enter the address of your crypto e-wallet, this is where you will receive the crypto upon exchange.

The e-wallets are generated for you on the ViraRoso platform. Go back to the ViraRoso client zone, click deposit and pick the BTC wallet.

Select Currency



After your request is submitted, it takes up to one hour for our system to process the payment and display the money on your ViraRoso account.

You are all set and ready to trade!

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Turn Your Goals into Reality

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