Stay safe
with Virarosi

Virarosi is a secure payment processor that allows merchants, marketplaces, and cryptocurrency platforms to process online payments safely with chargeback coverage.


Stay Updated

Follow Bitcoin Price and manage Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. With Virarosi, you can stay updated on the latest market news.

What We Do?

Unlike other payment processing solutions we provide you more options.


Fiat Currency to Cryptocurrency

After verification process, the client can exchange their fiat currency to cryptocurrency either by wire transfer or credit card.


Cryptocurrency to Fiat Currency

We also provide option to exchange cryptocurrency to fiat currency, allowing clients to send the funds directly to their bank account.

How Does It Work?

Example: Buying crypto with credit card

Client is directed to your sub-domain for the checkout after selecting to make purchase with credit card.

Client selects type and amount of crypto and fills in personal wallet address.

Client is redirected to our checkout page to fill in the ayment details.

Client has to go through verification process by sending personal documentation.

Virarosi contacts the liquidity provider via API to supply crypto which is sent to the user's wallet address.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority is to make
online commerce safe.

Fraud Prevention

Our mitigation experts have made sure that you will never have to worry about the security of funds.

Maximize Conversion

Every transaction is analyzed using AI technology to eliminate fraud and false declined transactions.

Chargeback liability

In the rare case of a fraud chargeback occurence, the merchant gets paid by us.

Global Reach

Use Virarosi as a payment processor for the transactions of your global clientele.

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